Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amanda Todd Lyrics

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This is the story of amanda todd
she went on a web cam and showed her bod .
Amanda todd
such a pretty girl
who killed herself
in such a cruel world.
family members crying
others laughed
she made a mistake  she could never take back
so wack
she was all over  tumblr  twitter
she was abandoned like a missing baby sitter.
this shows that if u you live  your life strong
you wouldn't be a quitter.

she could have used a friend
someone to take a stand
instead she got beached
like a whale in the sand
drank all that bleach
til she screeched
and she cried and
no one heard a word
not a newb not a nerd
so she got on youtube (word?)
with cards in her hand
she told how her boobs
got her stuck in quick sand

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